Service Technician

  • Bruce Rossmeyer's Daytona Harley-Davidson
  • 1637 U.S. Highway 1, Ormond Beach, FL, USA
  • Mar 13, 2023
Full time Service Technician/Mechanic

Job Description

Summary Description


Repair, customize, maintain, or overhaul both customer and dealer owned motor vehicles as close to the allotted time schedule as possible with excellent quality. Employment with the company is at-will and no employment contract is required. Pay based on experience with monthly flat rate production bonus.


Key Result Areas


  1. Service Department Operations
  2. Customer Service
  3. Other Duties


Major Duties and Responsibilities


1.             Service Department Operations


§  Work dispatched based on technical experience with opportunity for training and technical advancement

§  Provide prompt, dependable, high quality, vehicle service to (internal & external) customers.

§  Complete repair work within the scheduled or allotted time period whenever possible. Continually improve this “efficiency” skill.

§  Ability to follow schedules and direction

§  Maintain productivity (time spent working on billable jobs) as close to 100% as possible.

§  Accept work assignments from Service Writer/Manager.

§  Request parts for the job as early as possible when needs become known.

§  Perform service, repair and customization work in accordance to factory specifications.

§  Assist Service Writer, when requested, with writing up work orders, communication with customers, test riding, or any other issue which will help ensure customer satisfaction.

§  Notify Service Writer/Manager of additional work needed or any delays in expected completion as soon as they become known so that customer may be contacted and notified of the delay.

§  After job is finished ensure proper completion and filing of paperwork.

§  Keep work areas as clean as possible and assist others with maintaining shop cleanliness.

§  Maintain technical (PHD and other) qualification by completing any necessary training programs assigned to you by the Service Manager.


2.             Customer Service


§  Minimize come-backs and deal with them promptly and satisfactorily when they do occur.

§  Keep customers’ vehicle cleaner that when it was dropped off.

3.             Other Duties


§  If needed, you may be asked to perform other duties in the department.


Supervisory Responsibilities                                                                                                                                                                      


·         No Supervisory Responsibilities




  • Treat all employees and customers fairly, courteously, and with dignity.

·         Model superior customer service behavior for all interactions with customers and employees.

·         Be prompt and available for flexible scheduling.

·         Maintain up to date technical qualification (PHD and others) by completing all training programs assigned by the Service/Shop Manager.

·        Focus on quality.

·         Immediately alert Supervisors to mistakes or irregularities.


Qualifications & Job Requirements


·         Completion of a factory authorized training program such as MMI Service School or equivalent work experience

·         Current and valid Motorcycle license.

·         Service Technicians need both basic and special tools to properly diagnose and service our products. All Service Technicians are required to own a set of tools within 30- days of hire. See list of required tools on page three.


Physical Demands


·         The noise level in the work environment is usually loud.

·         Requires the use of both hands.

·         Frequently required to bend, stoop, crouch, reach, handle tools, and lift 30 lb. of material.

·         Frequently requires the ability to balance and push an 800 lb. motorcycle.


Working Conditions


·         Team atmosphere

·         Frequently works near moving mechanical parts.

·         Is potentially exposed to battery acid, gasoline, chemical cleaning materials or other toxic materials commonly found in a motor vehicle service department.

·         Occasionally, exposed to exhaust fumes or other airborne particles. 







3/8” Drive Socket Sets


Combination Wrenches




3/8” to 3/4” 6 & 12 point

1/8” to 1 1/2”

Digital multi meter

Screwdriver Sets

    (shallow & deep)

19mm & 12 mm

10 amp scale

Flat #1, 2, 3, 4

3/8” to 9/16” 6 & 12 point


300 ma scale

Phillips #1, 2, 3, 4

    (wobble socket)

Line Wrenches


Posi-Drive #1, 2, 3, 4


1/4”, 5/16”, 3/8”, 7/8”

Test Light

Angle Driver (for carb adjust)

Spark Plug Sockets




18mm & 13/16

Crescent Wrenches

Jumper Leads

Pliers Sets


4”, 6”, 8”, 10”, & 12”

3 ea (14 Gauge W/30


3/8” Drive Allen Sockets


amp clips 24” long)

Vice Grip

Straight & Ball Sockets

Allen Wrenches


Needle Nose

    (short & long)

1/16” to 7/16”

Timing Light


3/16” to 3/8” Long 6mm



Channel Lock


Ball Peen Hammers


Hose Clamp Crimpers

Crows Foot Set

2,4,8,12,16, & 28 oz.

Piston Ring Compressor

Snap ring

3/8” to 1 1/8”



Small to Large


Brass Hammer

Dial Calipers

   (Straight 45 & 98 degree)

Torx driver bit set




Up to & including # 40 & 45

Dead Blow Hammer Set

Micrometer Set

1/4” Ratchet Set





Torque Adapter Set

Plastic Tip Hammer Set

Small Hole Gauges

1/4” Extension Sets

3/8 to 3/4



2” to 6” Straight


Punch & Chisel Set

Telescoping Gauges

1” to 8” Wobble

1/2” Ratchet Set





Complete Set of Metal Files

Steel Rule

1/4” T-handle

1/2” Extension Sets

File Handles



2” to 12” Straight

Thread Files

6” Machinists Square

1/4” Air Ratchet

1” to 12” Wobble

Jewelers Files






1/4” Drive Socket Sets

1/2” T-handle

Feeler Gauge

Wheel Bearing packer

1/4” to 1 1/2” 6 & 12 point


Flat & Wire Type


    (shallow & deep)

1/2” Drive Socket Sets


Spoke Wrench

1/4” to 1 1/2” 6 & 12 point

3/8” to 1 1/2” 6 point shallow



    (wobble socket)


Safety Glasses

Valve Core Tool


Hand Impact Driver & Bits



3/8” Ratchet Set


Drill Bits - All to 1/2”

6” dial vernier


Air Impact Wrenches

Number, letter, fractional


3/8” Extension Sets

3/8”  & 1/2


Plumb bob

2” to 12” Straight


Hacksaw With blades


1” to 12” Wobble

Torque Wrenches


Six 24” Bungi cords


3/8” to 288” lb.

3/8” or 1/2” Drill


3/8” T-Handle

3/8” to 75” lb.


Belt tension gauge


1/2” to 288” lb.

Pop Rivet Gun


3/8” Air Ratchet