Parts Sales

  • St. Paul Harley-Davidson
  • St Paul, MN, USA
  • Nov 29, 2023
Full time Parts & Accessories Associate

Job Description

Job Objective: Provide prompt, dependable, high quality, parts and accessory sales to customers using current proactive feature benefit sales techniques.
* Driver’s License (DL) 
* Read and comprehend instructions and information
* Strong communication skills
* Ability to meet company’s production and quality standards
* Devote himself/herself to insuring customer satisfaction
* Inquire about management, production, and quality requirements established by the company
* Develop and maintain effective listening skills
* Understand and follow company rules, policies and expectations
* Establish personal performance goals consistent with company standards of productivity and devise a strategy to meet goals
* Understand terminology of business and remain current with technology changes in products and service
* Know and comprehend federal, state, and local requirements which govern the company’s business
* Attend company meetings as required
* Participate in performance management
* Uphold company’s non-disclosure and confidentiality policies and agreements
* Accept and follow lawful directions from supervisors
* Interact well with others and positively influence employee morale
* Work evening, weekend, and holiday work hours as required
* Maintain professional personal appearance
* Attend to customers’ parts and accessories needs and explore related merchandise in catalogues
* Suggest supplemental products through introduction to new merchandise, specials, and sales
* Assist multiple customers while providing individual customer satisfaction
* Seek, obtain, and communicate thorough knowledge of parts’ history, merchandise, and motorcycle service
* Conduct telephone transactions courteously and promptly
* Share knowledge of new merchandise, current sales, and specials with customers and dealership personnel
* Greet customers promptly in polite, friendly manner and deliver exceptional customer service
* Handle customer complaints sensibly displaying empathy and constructive attitude to satisfy customers and retain loyalty
* Verify and process merchandise in correlation to purchase invoice and record merchandise into inventory when accept deliveries      from distributors
* Ensure merchandise displays remain aesthetically pleasing to customers by keeping them dust-free, clean, and fully stocked
* Stay current for parts and accessories management by developing and maintaining skills required to effectively and efficiently          utilize appropriate computer systems
* Maintain precise cash register transaction by accurately managing credit card and cash payments for purchases
* Complete physical inventory of merchandise
* Keep customer mailing lists current